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Thread: This is why your boss should let you carry at work...

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    Scary how upset people can get when they get fired. I work in management, and I've been in several situations over the years where someone was being let go, (before I carried), and I wished I had a gun in case the person lost it.

    "Shots are being fired," employee says in 911 call before slaying

    By JOHN SEEWER Associated Press Writer

    Published on Thursday Aug 09, 2007

    A trucking company manager called 911 just before he was shot and killed, saying that one of the company's drivers was trying to take off in a truck after being fired.

    The manager, Douglas Smith, said the employee had just been let go. Smith's voice was calm until he heard the first shots.

    "Shots are being fired," he told the 911 dispatcher. "I need to go downstairs and see what's going on."

    Smith, of Toledo, and another employee were killed Wednesday afternoon at Liberty Transportation in Perrysburg Township near Toledo, police said.

    Calvin Neyland Jr., 43, of Findlay, was arrested about three hours after the shooting in a motel parking lot in Michigan, where he was driving a red semitrailer cab, authorities said. An extradition hearing was scheduled for Thursday.

    Police from Ohio recovered a handgun from the door of the truck at the motel, said Chief William Hines of the Erie Township, Mich., police department. He said Neyland had checked into the motel about three months earlier.

    Neyland was driving toward an exit when police closed in and took him into custody, said Sgt. Geoffrey Kovenich of the Monroe County sheriff's office in Michigan.

    About two hours after the shooting, Hines and another officer heard a bulletin on the police radio advising police to look for a suspect in a red semitrailer cab with Liberty Trucking on the side.

    "Me and the other officer looked at each other and said, 'Holy crap, that's the guy over at the Silver Blue,'" Hines said, referring to the motel in Temperance, Mich., about 14 miles north of where the shooting took place.

    The officers drove up in unmarked vehicles and Neyland, "didn't know they were there," Kovenich said.

    "All he said was, 'I was going to turn myself in,' and, 'The gun's in the door,'" Monroe County sheriff's Sgt. Rick Galimberti said.

    Neyland was in custody at the sheriff's office Thursday. Police in Michigan had not charged Neyland, Kovenich said. It wasn't clear if Neyland had an attorney.

    Police in Ohio said they were interviewing witnesses.

    Killed were Smith, 44, and Thomas Lazar, 58, of Pennsylvania, according to the police department in Perrysburg Township. Officers at the department declined to release further information.

    At Liberty Trucking on Thursday morning, no one showed up to work. Inside the warehouse, shattered window glass from a door leading into a second-floor office area was scattered on the floor. About 10 feet outside the front door of the building there appeared to be dried blood in the grass.

    The company is in an isolated industrial complex bordered on one side by soybean fields. The victims had been working inside the building, said Detective Sgt. Robert Gates of Perrysburg Township police. He would not say where they were shot.

    Yellow police tape surrounded the metal warehouse full of stacks of window frames and its driveway Wednesday, and several small evidence markers were placed outside the building's main entrance.

    Chuck Runzo, president of Liberty Transportation, had no comment.

    Liberty Transportation's corporate office is in New Alexandria, Pa., east of Pittsburgh, according to the company's Web site. Its trucks carry appliances, tires, windows and doors. The company, founded by Runzo in 1978, also has operations in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and in New England.

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    Wow, this is scary. Another reason anyone would want to carry everywhere.

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