Mayor Mike Fahey wants to add surveillance cameras in violent areas, boost the Police Department units that serve those neighborhoods and stiffen local gun laws in response to the spike in gun violence that has left nearly 40 people wounded in shootings since July 1.

The mayor delivered his ideas today as the city marked a period of peace - 44 hours and counting without a shooting.

Thirty-one people were hit by gunfire in July, including an 18-year-old killed outside a northwest Omaha apartment complex.

Six more people have been wounded and one man was killed in shootings this month.

The mayor's immediate plans to quell the violence include adding three officers to the gang unit - two permanently - and four officers to patrol the parts of Omaha that need it most until the violence calms.
Does 'stiffen local gun laws' mean disarm legally armed citizens?

Either we are equal or we are not. Good people ought to be armed where they will, with wits and guns and the truth. NRA *******