well... i know i know, you guys are probably gunna be rough on me for this one, but i have 2 tobacco hookas (ive NEVER done drugs, i used to use these for a type of non tobacco substitute, as a fun incense lol) well anyway, these were NOT meant for drugs in any way, but im selling/trading them on KSL.com for a handgun (probably a small one, dont care, as long as i have something that may actually save my life someday) or for 100$ (theres over 150$ worth of stuff there, that im SURE some hippy would like... too bad hippies have no money lol) well hopefully this may actually get my open carry days started guys! please dont slam me for havin the hookahs guys lol, i was a dumb kid! but atleast i had the brains enough to not do drugs!

but here it is if ya wanna take a peek, did i do a perty good job settin it up?


P.S. im 100% against drugs in any way, shape or form, and i do NOT support it in any way, but these were actually invented back in the middle east when groups of people formed, and needed a gathering activity, that brought the people close together, and introduced people in a fasionable matter (kinda looked into the history a little ) lol