More "few years ago stories" from Newport News:

Two car accidents. Pretty serious but neither my fault. I'm sometimes sloppy about my CC depending on the situation but I'm almost NEVER condition white about it or my surroundings. In one instance I was standingn outside after the wreck and the officer noticed my weapon inside my jacket. He never looked up from his writing but asked if that was a weapon I had. I told him that it was and that I had a CWP. I asked if he wanted to see it and he said no. I asked if he wanted to hold the weapon but he said, "No, just stay away from it."

In the other accident I was sitting in the back seat of the patrol car since it was raining outside when I realized that I had my .44 mag on my side. I realized that my gun was bigger than hers. I never said anything and no one ever noticed but I thought it was comical at the time.