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Thread: Concealed Carry definition

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    Since there is no open carry in SC the discussion came up today on what is legal concealed carry. Does anyone have any "official" interpretations on what is legal concerning such things as printing and pocketbook/fannypack carry. The actual law can be interpreted about any way you want to and probably no matter what, you will be wrong if you are charged.

    Section 23-31-210

    (6) "Concealable weapon" means a firearm having a length of less than twelve inches measured along its greatest dimension that must be carried in a manner that is hidden from public view in normal wear of clothing except when needed for self-defense, defense of others, and the protection of real or personal property.

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    IIRC IANAL a woman's purse has been tested in court but not a (gentleman's) briefcase.

    A fannypack is a dead give away unless you're wearing lounging-pajamas and flipflops.

    I have carried in what appears to be - is labelled as - a bible with zippered closure. I have also carried in an Action Direct chest pack on my 40K+ 'bent bicycle miles.

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