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Thread: Carrying in Renton/Issaquah

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    Been visiting some friends in the Renton area the past couple of days as some mutual friends have flowin in from out of state.

    Two nights ago, my friend and I OCed down to the local AM/PM to satisfy a midnight munchie attack. Not a second glance or comment.

    Yesterday, the wives wanted to do some shopping in Gilman Village in Issaquah. Myself and the other two husbands took the time to look for a couple of geocaches in the area (no luck there, but that is a different topic for a different website). I OCed the whole time which included walking through the village and a couple of shops and along the main road for about 20 minutes. Very busy, but not a word was said and no problems. One of the guys in a shop we went into did a double take, but I was very polite and friendly so he seemed to relax.

    Back to Renton. Last night, we went to Fry's and browsed for about an hour. As smooth as could be.

    Following Fry's, we decided to grab a bite to eat. We headed to Angelo's. I walked in the door and there are two Renton cops sitting at the table at the far end of the restaurant. Took note, but figured that I have to have my first police encounter sometime. We sat down at one of the tables along the wall and I ended up on the the end of the table, strongside out. There was no way they didn't notice the gun as they got up and payed the bill, but to their credit, they didn't approach me or even give me a look at all.

    The waitress however asked me about my gun and asked if I was a cop or a private investigator. She said that she knew most of the cops as they frequent Angelo's on a regular basis and that she knew most of the PI's and that they usually keep their guns covered. Gave her the basic run down on the legality of open carry and explained that a concealed carry permit (which she brought up and asked about) was not necessary except in a car. She was surprised and seemed fine with it.

    All in all, been a very easy going visit. Heading to downtown Seattle today. We'll see if that goes as smoothly.
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    As always, insert standard IANAL disclaimer here.

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    Lots of uneventful OC and an educated citizen to boot!...

    That deserves an OC-chorus line:
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