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    Greetings! I'm New to the forum. Just wanted to tel you that I OC'ed the other day at Metro 29 Diner on Lee Hwy in Arlington.

    I was concealed but Metro serves alcohol, so I had to tuck my shirt in to show I was carrying.

    The manager definitely gave me a look but had somebody seat me at a table near the counter where I asked to be placed.

    It may have been me but there seemed to be more male staff loitering around my general area than other times I have eaten there. One thing was for sure though, my food came out faster than it ever has, probably to get me to eat, pay my bill and go.

    Overall, good experience. The cashier seemed cheery although it was obvious I had my .38 special on my side.

    One question I have for you all about OC'ing in a resturant is:

    If sit down in a booth with your gun side facing the wall are you technically concealing?

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    You are not concealing just because your firearm is facing a wall. The firearm needs to be intentionally covered by some article of clothing or other form of cover to be concealed (i.e. if you walked around with a newspaper held over your holster). If you carry a small auto in an IWB holster at 4 o'clock, only the people behind or to the right of you will be able to see the firearm, but it will be unseen from the other 270 degrees of view. That makes it unseen, but not "concealed". A big difference. If this weren't so, all of us OC'ers would be in jail for illegal concealment much of the time!

    Oh, and welcome aboard! Plan on going to one of the dinners in NoVA or a VCDL meeting!

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