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Thread: OC in NE Philly

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    went into the badlands yesterday afternoon to Phila county, had my P220 open in plain view at about 3:30 in a pancake holster.

    I wasn't there very long though, just to Wendy's to eat (cottman ave, off the blvd) I was in there for about 45 mins though, 2/3 of that just waiting in the line... worst... Wendy's...ever. Afterwards went over to drop a check off at a loan office, then headed back to Montco.

    Didn't get any looks, even in Wendy's as long as I was there, but then again I wasn't dressed like a gang member, and have a clean-cut appearance, high n tight, etc. ... probably came off as looking like an off-duty or plain clothed cop or something.

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    Excellent- nice to see others OC'ing in Philly without any issues.

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