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Thread: Underhanded techniques used by police to discredit protesters

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    You may have read or heard about how government agencies use agent provocateurs to discredit organizations, or enable police to arrest peaceful protesters. Here's a video that shows Canadian police wielding rocks and covering their faces with bandanas while infiltrating a crowd of peaceful protesters. While this is not a gun-rights protest, it demonstrates a technique that is well known to, and can be employed by any type of government agency for any type of protest.


    Canadian Police Caught Attempting To Stage Riots

    Authorities admit rock-wielding "black bloc anarchists" were really police infiltrators

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    It's not news that the givernment (any government) would do this. What is news is that they're admitting it.

    Funny that they are standing by their 'information gathering' story. Why does the guy need a big rock in his hand to collect information?
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    CA_Libertarian wrote:
    What is news is that they're admitting it.
    It's the latest craze. Since 911 the government has stuck its toe in the water to see if people would be outraged by reports and photos of torture, detention without charges, and unwarranted surveilance, as well as the outright martial law police state activity in New Orleans after Katrina. The results seem to be clear: The public has been conditioned to accept a level of arbitrary government power far beyond what was common in the past.

    So now, when the government is caught with its pants down, instead of always trying to cover it up, the officials just brag about what they are doing, and tell us it's legal and necessary, while subliminally daring us to do something about it.

    Welcome to your world.

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