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    I have to say when I made the decision to OC last night I was a little nervous, but its amazinghow your situational awareness boosts.I'm happy to say that with the exception of some one asking: "are you allowed to carry that?" and the simple reply of "yep"; I didn't have any problems. I ran some errands at the Best Buy and Gamestop in Fayetteville, as well as the Wal Mart in hope mills.

    I think with these pleasant experiences OCing may become a more regular habit.


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    It gets easier the more you do it...

    I read on this board once that once you OC for the first time it's a liberating feeling. On my first OC experience, I did not feel liberated. However, after having OC'd more and more, the liberating feeling came to me.

    I am sure as time passes, you'll feel liberated as well.

    Congrats! Welcome to the club! :celebrate

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