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Thread: - Gun rights group defends man's right to carry weapon

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    Members from the Virginia Citizens Defense League took aim at City Council over a man’s arrest for carrying a gun at this summer’s Harborfest.
    The group says Chet Szmecki’s constitutional rights were violated, even though the charges against him were dropped.
    His wife says the ordeal was a nightmare.
    “The humiliation and the terror my children felt they walked us out the park,” recalled Debra Szymecki.
    “My children were panicking watching their law abiding father be stripped of his dignity while their mother was being told to be quiet or she too would be arrested if she did not comply,” recalled her husband.
    Verbal bullets flew from the City Council podium as Virginia Citizen Defense League members spoke out against the alleged harassment by Norfolk Police officers.
    ”Get your police dept under control,” said one angry citizen. “Do not be arresting law abiding citizens “
    Virginians have the right to bear arms openly without a permit. However, the city passed an ordinance days before Harborfest prohibiting guns in Town Point Park.
    The gun watchdog group says that was unconstitutional.
    Dan Moore says, as a black man wearing a gun in public, he is always harassed by police. He claims he was waiting for a friend on Main Street when an officer approached him.
    “It’s weird,” said Moore. “I am just standing there. Next thing I know handcuffs in the back of the car like I am a criminal “
    City Council would not comment. The group says they will continue to speak out for their Second Amendment right.

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    Why open carry? Because 1911 > 911.

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