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Thread: Does anybody have a copy of Tuesday's Daily Press?

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    Guns for defense
    August 28, 2007

    Reference the editorial "Fun and firearms," Aug. 10: Why would you have any of our constitutional rights suspended in a public place? The gun-rights crowd never complains that a reporter shows up to an event.

    Did you know firearms are used defensively over 2.5 million times a year? Did you know in over 80 percent of self-defense cases when the victim can produce a firearm no one, not even the criminal, is injured?

    Just because you imagine gun owners to be unsafe doesn't make it so.

    Kevin Hix

    (Edited because the forum did some weird stuff with the formatting as copied from the link.)

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    I saw it in Tuesday's edition, but that went out with recycling on Thursday. Good work. On the rare occasions I have done the same, they have significantly edited and bowdlerized my letters.

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    "Even if you are scared of guns due to violence, please put away your immature emotional feelings for just a moment,and think about facts. Fact is, no matter what, people will harm/kill/'wrong due' other people. Its sad,but true. Guns and other weapons donot 'caus crimes. If you -honestly- believe an ananimate object is capable of changing ones moral believes,and makes them 'evil',then you really have a mental problem. That being said, anti-gun crowds look at "feeling" safe, when pro-gun crowds look at actually being safe. Would you rather be scared,and have alot less chance of being hurt?"

    --What I posted in reponse. It did not ask me my location, but somehow it thinks I live in Texas...interesting.

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