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    A friend of mine from Hampton said he was in the Bank of America branch in Willow Oaks Shopping center recently, and saw a woman in line ahead of him OC'ing what looked like a .38 snubby in a OWB holster. He didn't get a chance to talk to her. When I asked if he knew about the Bank's policy, he recalled setting up his account some time back and talking with one of the women at the desk. He told her he CC'd regularly and OC'd occasionally and wondered if that would be any problem. She replied that many of their customers who were business owners or couriers routinely came in OC'ing and the bank had absolutely no problem with that at all. It was one of the reasons he went ahead and opened the account there.

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    Awsome. I've never OC'd into a bank, I don't use banks anymore.

    w00t for direct deposit.

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