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Thread: NC Victim In Home Invasion Shoots, Kills Intruder

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    I'd sure like to read the details on this one. Without the resident acting with deadly force,the adults an the kids could all be dead.

    Victim In Home Invasion Shoots, Kills Intruder

    Friday, Aug 31, 2007 - 08:09 AM Updated: 05:50 PM

    By NBC17

    WAYNE COUNTY, N.C. -- One of three men accused of breaking into a home and holding the residents at gunpoint was shot and killed early Friday morning by one of the residents.

    Wayne County Sheriff's Department officials said Antione Logan Chestnut, 19, of Dudley was shot to death after he and two other men broke into a home in the Dudley community at about 12:30 a.m.

    There were two adults and four small children -- ages 4, 5,5 and 8 -- at the home at 2546 Old Mount Olive Highway at the time.

    According to officials, Chestnut, Kayloe Lemont Middleton, 25, and one other man broke through a front door, ransacked the home and held the people inside at gunpoint.

    Police said Chestnut fired at someone in the home. The resident shot back multiple times, killing Chestnut.

    The other two men escaped the home in a dark-colored vehicle. Middleton was arrested later and is charged with first-degree burglary and first-degree kidnapping.
    Police are still looking for the third intruder.
    Investigators with the sheriff's department and the Mount Olive Police Department are both investigating.

    Anyone with information is asked to call (919) 731-1481 or CRIMESTOPPERS at (919) 735-2255.

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    I'm glad somebody had the guts and the sense of responsibility to defend himself (or herself) and the five other innocents in the house. This is what deters crime - not police promises, not gun control laws, not neighborhood watch signs, but the threat of armed citizens who are capable of defending themselves and their property.

    I don't know if/when they'll find the other two, but I'll bet they won't be robbing anybody else for a while. Then again, crooks can be really stupid.

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