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Thread: VT shooting report, errors

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    Forgive me if these particular points have been discussed. I just noticed them recently and sent the information to my local papers (not holding my breath)


    1. The VT Review Panel, in section VI-5, recommends that guns be banned on campus. Cho was already banned from having guns under VT's administrative rules.

    Would a different ban have been more effective? Aren't the experts on this panel supposed to be intelligent?

    2. On page 75 there is this statement:

    "...the panel knows of no case in which a shooter in campus homicides has been shot or scared off by a student or faculty member with a weapon."

    But Appendix L states of the Pearl, MS school shooting (#17):

    "...the assistant principal retrieves a .45 pistol from the glove compartment of his truck and subdues Woodham..."

    Appendix L also discusses (#30) the Appalachian Law School shooting in Grundy, VA, that, though not stated in the report, was ended when two students armed themselves and confronted the shooter. This fact was not widely reported in the mainstream news media.

    Could this exhaustive review and report have actually overlooked the fact that they were unaware of an incident that was reported in their own findings?

    The report:
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    Certainly no widely known and respected pro-gun expert, if any pro-gun advocate, was on the panel. Nor was a minority report issued. That John R. Lott, Jr. PhD was not invited is a travesty.

    As to intelligence, we are not allowed to publicly discuss relative intelligence. It is as knotty a subject as 'guns.' Read The Bell Curve by Herrnstein & Murray, written a decade ago and still controversial. Or go in the (topic's) sidedoor and read Alan Sokal's Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity (it is on-line) and the academic literature surrounding it.

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