The Roanoke Times

6 Sept. 2007

Virginia tougher than required on gun laws

The Roanoke Times errs greatly by declaring that Virginia's "gun laws are lax compared to other states" (Aug. 27 editorial, "Virginia arms the region's crooks"). The reality is that most states have less restrictive gun transfer laws than Virginia.

It is true that Virginia is not one of the nine states banning private non-dealer transfers of some or all guns, generally, or at gun shows.

However, Virginia's gun transfer laws, unlike most states, exceed the federal Brady Act standards by:

n Requiring heightened ID checks,

n Reporting mental health commitments to the federal government.

n Running dealer background checks though both Virginia and federal databases.

Further, Virginia is one of only three states rationing handgun purchases to one gun per month.

It would aid the public debate on gun rights in Virginia if The Times takes a rest from issuing any more anti-gun control editorials until it starts checking the facts.