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Thread: Took the General Defensive Handgun class this weekend

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    Probably the best money I ever spent on this sport/hobby/obsession. The course is two days, 8 hours each day, and takes place at the Issaquah police range in the basement of the police station. The instructer was great and I learned so much. My shooting is now much more accurate, much faster, and I can consistently draw and place accurate shots very quickly (even from concealment). My wife took the class with me and also enjoyed it very much, though her gun was a bit of a pain in the ass because she had the only low-capacity double-action in the group.

    I OCd a lot of the time we were there, but since we were essentially locked up in the basement, there wasn't much time that I was exposed to the public. I did get to talk to several people about OC, and even showed the instructor the KC Sheriff's training bullettin. He suggested that I should conceal my rig when leaving the range, but I politely declined. Nobody else said anything to me, but I do know that someone else was asked to conceal by one of the other trainers when he went upstairs to use the restroom. It's a strange dychotomy that you have armed, openly carrying police officers all over the place but they want citizens to hide their guns (and even train you how to do it well). My wife and I also both had the opportunity to OC at the Starbucks in Duvall (we were dropping our dogs off with a friend for the day). Several local police were leaving when we arrived, but most of them had already gotten in their cars and drove off by the time we parked and got out. However, none of the workers in Starbucks said a word. I'm guessing they either thought we were officers of some sort (non-uniformed, of course), or they were just oblivious. Though I should think our rigs would be hard to miss since mine is very prominent against light colored shirt and pants, my wife's is a very shiny stainless gun, and we both had very obvious mag holders on as well.

    So, long story short, uneventful OC...had the chance to educate a few people about the law...had the chance to educate a few people that "normal" folks carry guns...and got a wealth of knowledge for a few hundred bucks and a weekend of my time.

    All in all, I highly recommend anyone who's serious about self defense shooting to take the class at Insights. I've told several friends about it already, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the best money I've spent on this hobby. I'm going to try to save up my pennies and take their rifle course and intensive handgun course as well.

    And to the guy who I gave my business card at the range, if you see this message please send me a PM. I accidentally gave you an old card and my email address is wrong!

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    I've attended a few courses at Insights and I've also found them to be the most challenging and enlightening courses I've ever taken.

    I will be taking Intensive Handgun Skills this weekend, and look forward to all that I will learn.

    One note I've heard regarding OC at the police station: The police department has asked Insights to instruct their students to CC as much as possible at the station. The main floor the building has a community room, and is used on the weekend for all kinds of purposes. I am guessing that the many weary armed men (and a few women) walking thru the lobby may be more than the neighborhood knitting ladies were expecting or something like that. Unless you expect Insights to abandon the great facility it's paying to use (I wouldn't recommend that), I think they will continue to obide by the requests of the landlord (the City).

    They have some great classes and I recommend everyone check them out.

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