This is how it should be...

Even though this isn't actually an open carry story, PDO is no more, so I'm posting it here.

While traveling on highway 16, (on our way to a weekend getaway at a B and B in Ashe county) I passed through a "license checkpoint" with several state Highway Patrol troopers. They were actually only stopping traffic in one direction and were obviously looking for something specific, as they didn't seem to be paying any attention to most vehicles, but they did have a couple of them pulled over to the side of the road.
As we pulled through and the trooper walked up to the window, I presented my drivers license and CHP, as required by NC law. He only glanced at my drivers license and then waved us on. I'm not even sure he saw my CHP, but if he did, he obviously didn't seem to care. No questions, no comments, total time of encounter, about 30 seconds. The question of the legality of drivers license checkpoints aside, THIS is how encounters should go...

Carry safe, Carry often,


Oh yes, for those that are interested in such details, I was carrying my makarov in a falco shoulder holster, under a custom made "safari/concealed carry" vest...(being a tailor does have its benefits. :celebrate )