I was invited to attend a Combined Axis Relock Instructors Course this week in Antioch, Tn and was quite impressed by the instructors, the material covered, the shooting technique, and by the bonds we all formed in the course of the week.

The course covered 'Iso/Weaver' vs CAR (for example, try holding your arms in Isocoles for 5 minutes versus having your arms resting on your body as if you were crossing your hand on your chest), threat analysis, positioning, and a ton of other material.

The shooting was challenging in that you had a 'basic' shooting course that had frequent changes of conditions in order to stress you and your team. (One shooter's failure failed the team in the evolutions), movement while shooting, and using shields and room clearing.

For my first tactical course, it was a serious mind-blower with the use of true application of common sense and natural body conditions put together for one hell of a new approach to using and defending yourself.

I am also now a Certified Basic Instructor in the CAR System