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  • OC - No state permit/license

    9 52.94%
  • OC - Do have state permit/license (Althouh not required by my state)

    6 35.29%
  • OC - State requires permit/license to carry

    0 0%
  • CC - With state permit/license (In OC allowed state)

    1 5.88%
  • Live in NO OC at all state.

    0 0%
  • Other

    1 5.88%
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Thread: Gold State Members...OC without any permit

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    In the states that allow OC with no license or permit, how many don't have one?

    I've read in multiple threads about people who OC being asked for a CCW or other permit even if they didn't have to have one.

    I am just curious how many OC as a right withouta permit from the state.

    I also wonder what would have happened in some of these situations if the citizen didn't have a permit to show even though not required?
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    i live in Virginia and OC but dont have a permit, although i will probably obtain one by January just to simplify the whole carry in my car issue

    also: is there still a requirement to get fingerprinted in fairfax county when you obtain your CHP?

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