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Thread: Rant on anti-gun signage

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    I was reading in another forum about someone who was asking whether or not the international "No Guns" sign (about a three inch sticker of a gun with a slash through it) was considered a legal posting. The general consensus was that it wasn't, but it was still a notification that firearms weren't welcome, and the armed citizen would still be obligated to leave or be charged with tresspassing.

    So I wondered why, in Missouri, that there is a legal requirement that anti-gun signs be 7"x11" with one inch high black letters, but entering the business isn't a crime until you refuse to leave when asked. (I don't patronize those businesses anyway)

    I see so many businesses with various different anti-gun signs even though Missouri law defines a standard, and I have come to a conclusion as to why.

    When you notice one of those little tiny international "No Gun" signs instead of the required one inch letter sign, it is probably by a business that is riding the fence.

    A great big sign, like the one that is required, can be seen for miles. These can be seen from the street where an armed citizen can just drive to the next business. This loudly broadcasts that THIS BUSINESS HATES GUN OWNERS. DO NOT PATRONIZE OUR BUSINESS.

    Whereas, those little itty-bitty signs are just hard to see. I have even noticed one that was purple colored and placed on a tinted front door. It was almost invisible. I firmly believe that the businesses that display these are dirty, rotten, money grubbing, cowardly, greedy, SCUM! These businesses want your money......they just don't want you to be armed. But, they'll take your money. If you leave your gun in your car. But, bring your wallet.

    These scum suckers don't really want to broadcast that they don't want firearms owners in their stores. Since their signs are so hard to notice, they're banking that you just might pump a tank of gas, or buy a cart of groceries, or purchase.....whatever you might have dropped in to purchase. But the sign is there. You just didn't notice it. So they can come and kick you out, if they feel so inclined,and say, "See, we have a sign!"

    These cowards are scared of you and your gun, but they're also scared of losing gun owner's business.

    Let them know that you, and all the friends you can tell, won't be giving them any. I have read numerous stories from many great people on this site about confrontations with anti-gun people, LEO's, and idiots in general. That's what it's all about! Stop watching the world go by, and do something! Make up your mind to go into the first business you see with a anti-gun sign and tell the owner (not just the stoned looking high school kid at the register) THE OWNER, that you and anyone you can tell, will not be spending money there. Stop saying you'll do it and DO IT! TODAY! TOMORROW! EVERY TIME YOU SEE ONE!

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    I agree about the small signs. That is why I am glad TN has the "must" post standard for signs and what it needs to say. Right now...don't know of any places around my town that have an "improper sign" but I'm on the lookout.
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    Superlite27 wrote:
    SNIP But, they'll take your money. If you leave your gun in your car. But, bring your wallet.
    I can understand your frustration. I myself, though, have not encountered a business I wanted to enter and then discovered a no-guns sign.

    As always, style counts. "Oh, yes. I'll be glad to leave my gun inthe car, Mr. Shopkeeper. Its chained to my wallet, though. If the gunstays in the car, sodoes my wallet."

    It'll take him a second, but he'll get the idea.
    I'll make you an offer: I will argue and fight for all of your rights, if you will do the same for me. That is the only way freedom can work. We have to respect all rights, all the time--and strive to win the rights of the other guy as much as for ourselves.

    If I am equal to another, how can I legitimately govern him without his express individual consent?

    There is no human being on earth I hate so much I would actually vote to inflict government upon him.

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    Think about this....maybe the owners are either ignorant of the legal signage (in which case I/we are NOT obligated to tell them it is wrong)

    Or, they may be neutral on legal they don't put up a sign

    Or they are neutral/leaning pro-carry, but their insurance carrier or landlord requires some sort of "no gun" signage---so they meet that requirement, but still doesn't meet the state legal standard for "no gun" signage. (Again, in which case I/we are NOT obligated to tell them it is wrong)

    Understand your rant--I feel the same way, but that is why we have to be smarter than "them" on guns laws and signage. Quite frankly, if we were boycott every store with "no gun" signage,we would be pretty hard up to get the things we need to be productive in this world. If it isn't legally posted (IAW local/state law), it doesn't exist.

    Just my 2 cents...YMMV

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    The only thing worse than seeing those signs on businesses is not seeing them and then havinganemployee tell you they have a "No Gun" policy.And then theysay you can't bring your gun in next time. All this after you already did your business and are on your way out.

    I did business with Wells Fargo for over 3 years (and open carried for the entire time) before a regional manager told me I had to leave my gun in the car or not come inside anymore.

    I just changed banks.

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    I carry wherever I want (in the state of Missouri) with the exception of any place that will result in a felony. In that case, I just don't go there.

    The anti-gun signs are completely worthless (as the authors of the concealed carry laws intended). You can only be fined if you are asked to leave and fail to do so. There are no criminal penalties involved.

    I have posed this question on some concealed carry forums and have yet to have someone respond:

    "Has anyone been caught carrying in a posted establishment?"

    Point being, it just doesn't happen. The vast majority of folks don't have the balls to confront someone who they "think" might be carrying. If someone were to confront me, I would state the following:

    1. It is none of their business what I am carrying on my person.
    2. What color of underwear/bra are YOU wearing?
    3. If confronted by a female, I would ask her if she were on her period.

    None of these things are any of my business and vice versa......

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