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Thread: O.C. BBQ on the river Paducah KY

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    I had an uneventfull afternoon o.c. all over BBQ, just not in beer garden,had a few odd looks from the local sheeple. was wearing brown shorts and a blue polo shirt, with blackhawk o.c. paddle XD-9. i saw an LEO looking straight at me talking on his radio walking my direction, thought well here we go....... then to my suprise he walked right by did not say a word!! My family had a good day!! ABOUT TIME!!!

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    Good deal. I have fished there, before downtown was fixed up, and the riverfront was just a bunch of big rocks and a boat ramp. I also used to go downstream by one of the locks near the highway. You had to drive past a shooting range to get there.

    Ever get a beer at a little place called KC's Rec Room?I recomend it.

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