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Thread: Vetrans disarment act

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    Wednesday, October 3, 2007

    "The American Legion, the nation's largest wartime veterans' service
    organization, strongly opposes specific provisions of H.R. 2640... that
    would unilaterally abrogate the rights of certain service-connected
    disabled veterans to own firearms, a right guaranteed by the Second
    Amendment." -- Statement by the American Legion, Sep. 27, 2007

    First, there was Gun Owners of America and a myriad of state gun
    rights organizations.

    Then, the Military Order of the Purple Heart weighed in.

    Now, we've heard from the American Legion.

    The list of groups in opposition to HR 2640 -- the Veterans
    Disarmament Act -- continues growing, even while Senators in our
    nation's capital are continuously being BOMBARDED by thousands
    upon thousands of phone calls and e-mails from grassroots gun
    owners like yourself.

    In fact, your efforts have IMMENSELY STRENGTHENED the hand
    of Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK). In an article entitled, "Coburn's
    block may change strategy for gun bill," a Capitol Hill-based
    newspaper reported this morning that frustration is building over
    Coburn's "hold" on the legislation.

    "We've tried to negotiate," Schumer said, adding that talks with
    Coburn are "'not getting that far. We might have to bring it to a

    But the newspaper article in The Hill stated that taking a recorded vote
    on the Veterans Disarmament Act could "complicate its initially strong
    prospects" of passage. As reported in The Hill:

    "The National Rifle Association (NRA) supports the bill, which its
    board member and House Energy and Commerce Committee
    Chairman John Dingell (D-Mich.) helped to craft, but the Gun Owners
    of America (GOA) has backed Coburn and mobilized its grassroots
    against the measure....

    "Coburn also has objected to what he and the GOA -- which dubbed
    the bill the 'Veterans Disarmament Act' -- believe is the risk of
    inadvertently placing veterans treated for mental illness into the
    background-check system, thus endangering their ability to buy a gun.

    "The Military Order of the Purple Heart and the American Legion both
    have backed Coburn's effort.

    "But GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt said his group remains
    opposed to the background-check system in general, viewing it as an
    infringement on the civil liberties and privacy of gun owners. 'This
    would be an objection we'd have even after all these [concerns of
    Coburn's] are taken care of,' Pratt said."

    On a side note: The Hill mentioned that, "Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho)
    said he has received a high volume of contacts from constituents
    alarmed about the bill's effect on gun buyers' rights."

    Other sources have told GOA that Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) has also
    gotten hit with a tremendous outpouring of opposition against the bill.

    You will remember that both Senators Crapo and Bunning were two
    of the senators specifically listed in our most recent alert. GOA would
    like to THANK ALL OF YOU for your activism and support. You
    guys are doing a great job... keep up the good work!

    [Oh, by the way, here's a special note for you folks in Idaho. The
    remainder of the Crapo quote in The Hill newspaper goes like this: "At
    this point, I'm not holding the bill," Crapo said. "But that
    doesn't mean I
    won't."' Well, that's a great first step, but Crapo needs to join
    up with
    Coburn in putting a "hold" on the Veterans Disarmament Act. Keep up
    the pressure, guys.]


    1. The American Legion is already taking heat for its opposition to this
    bill, as the Veterans Administration is blasting them behind the scenes.
    We know that a large percentage of you are members of the American
    encourage your fellow legionnaires to get involved (and perhaps even
    start receiving GOA alerts). The national office needs to see that
    grassroots legionnaires are behind them so that they will continue to
    stand firm in the face of the heat they're taking. If you need talking
    points, see -- which is the GOA
    special section on the Veterans Disarmament Act (HR 2640).

    2. Continue to keep contacting your senators via the Legislative Action
    Center at on the GOA site.
    The Hill newspaper says the Veterans Disarmament Act may come up
    as early as next week. Coburn is pushing a package of
    GOA-supported amendments that, taken together, will improve federal
    law -- making things better than they are now. Senators need to hear
    that this bill is an abomination, and that it is IMPERATIVE that they

    With all that information taken into account. Why is the NRA supporting this bill???

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    You might want to research this more...

    -- John D.

    (formerly of Colorado Springs, CO)

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    It's got to be hell to risk your life to preserve the greatest nation on Earth just to find out that that nation wishes to repay you by transforming you from a citizen (and a veteran) to a subject.

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    Just as an American citizen -- forget that I am also a vet -- I have been quite disgusted with the way our goverment has treated both the Active Duty military and veterans with things like secret tests performed on unsuspecting soldiers,leaving live AmericanPOWs (and foreign allies) languishing in foreign countries and eventually dying, outright lies made to soldiers and vets, pathetic "generalship" (especially the damn President) in combat areas and how "wars" are fought nowadays by sorry PC Rules of Engagementrather than Rule #1 kick-maximum-ass, and general cost-cutting ventures all around at the expense of soldiers and vets.

    It's completely disgraceful.

    -- John D.

    (formerly of Colorado Springs, CO)

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