If victory over the D.C. handgun ban finally arrives at the hands of the Supreme Court, will you be ready to exercise your right to own a fully functioning handgun in the District?

What can one do to be ready?

I recommend that you get a Curio and Relics Federal Firearms License. This will allow you to actually purchase C&R handguns from outside of the District.

Let me qualify my advice:

- The actual wording in the Supreme Court decision will determine if the entire gun ban, or only parts are struck down.

- The D.C. City Council may enact legislation that would preclude your using the C&R license.

So the C&R license may or may not be an enabler to legally possessing handguns in the District in the future.

C&R –Curio and Relic licenses limit your choices of handgun to those on the BATFE C&R list or to those that are 50 years old. There are some superb handguns that are C&R guns. 1911 and CZ 82 are some of my favorites.

If you can legally possess handguns in the district when the ban is overturned, then it is wise to immediately possess the handguns. Future laws passed by the D.C. City Council in response toa Supreme Court ruling will respect any property rights that you had when the future law is enacted. We see this time and again in gun control legislation. The exceptions carved out in the California .50 cal ban, the N.J. hi cap magazine ban and the D.C handgun ban for prior owners are illustrative. They will not criminalize ownership of something that is legal. They will place restrictions on future ownership. So own them as soon as you can[/b].

It only costs $30 to apply for the license. Be Prepared.:celebrate