08 October 2007Patriot Vol.07 No.41


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This would be funny if it weren’t so true.

“Anyone who’s ever played a game with a small child should recognize the Democrat Party’s strategy on politicizing the War on Terror. When things go poorly for their opponent, they yell ‘You Lose!’ Whereas when things go well for their opponent, they yell ‘No Fair! You Cheated!’ Unfortunately for America, the Dems consider their real ‘opponent’ to be any American who wants to win the War, rather than, say, al-Qa’ida and other Islamist murder cults. Regardless of who it is used against though, the ‘if you’re not losing you must be cheating’ strategy is foolproof and works for any occasion. Consider the first few months of the Iraq War. Anti-war (or should I say ‘Anti-Victory’) forces promised a D-Day style bloodbath, and then hysterically touted every bathroom break on the way to Baghdad as the biggest quagmire since the Somme. ‘Ha, ha—you lose!’... Using this simple two-step method, anything and everything can be criticized without the critic ever having to commit to a single idea or stance. And it works for any situation. Iran building nukes? ‘You lose!’ Using sanctions against Iran? ‘No fair! Sanctions hurt kids!’ Well how about a military strike then? ‘No fair! No war for oil!’ Let the Europeans deal with it? ‘No fair! America must provide leadership!’ Well then, let’s go it alone? ‘No fair! That’s unilateralism!’ No matter what the result or method, you can be confident it will be declared wrong by the Dems. If you actually do anything, you’re Dem’d if you do and Dem’d if you don’t.” —Mac Johnson