A couple of weeks ago I went shopping for a new hunting rifle, I didn't need one, it's just been a long time since I've had anything new to shoot, and felt like adding onemore to the collection. I was looking for something I could take elk with as my .243 makes a great deer rifle, but not much bigger. Well I got a little side tracked and ended up getting a bushmaster xm15 e2s. Like I said just a little bit sidetracked. The only problem with it is that the previous owner had put on collapsible sites, and converted the normal carry handle to a picatinny rail with a detachable handle, but he kept his sites. It has the stock sites with it, but the front site is missing a few pieces. I got them ordered, and shipping to my buddies house cause he has a bench and all the stuff I need to work on it, so I'm just waiting now till I can put it all together and shoot it. but I am totally stoked. dang, now I guess i'm still gonna need to buy another hunting rifle. and this time I'll get something that I can actually find ammo for(dang .280 I love it, but $30 for a box of ammo is a bit much)