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Thread: Another Dicks Ammo Sale

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    Dicks Catalog
    Here is another ammo deal that isn't being widely advertised. It's the usual Dicks case price sales on Remington UMC 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, .38 Spec, and .380ACP.
    I would recommend printing out the ad to back your claim as this sale isn't advertised in the store. I work there and I didn't know until a customer told me.
    Here are the prices:
    9mm $8.98 per box of 50 $6.98 per box for 10 or more boxes.
    .380, .38 Spec, .40 and .45 $12.98 per box and $11.98 for 10 or more boxes.

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    Longwatch, walmart has CCI blazer in 45acp for 11.98 for a box of 50 every day.

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