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Thread: VWCC Campus Security Panel

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    Dave Knight and I attended the panel that was held in Roanoke at Virginia Western Community College last night. I was open carrying and unsurprisingly, no one said a word about the CLEARLY visible firearm.

    Philip and I had spoken earlier in the week about the possibility of not open carrying based upon the fact that if they were to ask me to leave or make an issue of it, I would not be able to speak for VCDL and gun owners. However, since I knew Dave was there and more than capable of representing gun owners viewpoints, I decided to go ahead.

    NOTHING was said even though I am sure it was noticed by everyone as I entered the building. As soon as I walked in the door, the Dean of VWCC ran up and introduced himself with a big grin, shook my hand and walked me to the registration table. All of the police officers and staff were lined up to my right and would have had to be blind to not notice my gun.

    All in all, it was a great meeting. There were no anti's there at all and the students who did attend all indicated that they were there to support gun-rights. Dave's prepared remarks were poignant and well received. I spoke extemporaneously and felt that my words were also well received.

    After I left the auditorium heading to my vehicle, I ran into a group of 3 officers and some staff in the parking lot smoking and drinking coffee and we spent several minutes talking about the weather and the drive back to Bristol. They were very friendly and totally relaxed.

    Once again, open carry was demonstrated to be a non-event. God bless the Commonwealth of Virginia!

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    Thank you so very much for taking the time to represent all of us. A few truthful words spoken over a few minutes are never forgoten.

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