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Thread: News Report About Teacher Who Wants to Carry

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    I am rather suprised this importaint story hasn't been commented on thus far.

    Perhaps most thought this issue would be a slam dunk, in the teachers favor. I mean considering the ORS is very clear no public administration has the ability to trump the legislative decision regarding preemeption laws.

    The Jackson County courts gave a wink and a nod to the Medford school district, suggesting that, because she is a school district employee; she forefits her right to carry concealed. And they can fire her as well for violating the school district policy.

    The judges common sense was MIA on this one and I fully antisipate this ruling to be over turned on appeal

    Meanwhileanother law abiding citizen has to fight the goverment; and it's deep pockets,simply because theyopt to pick and choosethe laws they'd liketo enforce and those they want to totally disregard.

    When she wins I hope she files a civil suit and wins big!

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