Just had a fellow visit the dealership where I work not exactly "concealing" his weapon....got a call from the used car manager..."Mike, there's a guy with a GUN over here....would you come hang out for a few?" (He knows I carry :quirky)

Anyhow, I went over next door mainly out of curiosity to see what he was carrying, and hopefully make a friendly introduction and let him know he AND his weapon are welcome here, but I unfortunately got pulled away before I could introduce myself and strike up conversation.

It was funny....all the guy were talking about him somewhat nervously, and of course I heard all the usual tripe about concealing, blah blah, crazy man walking around with a gun and so forth.

I just laughed, and said, "Guys, it ain't the ones walking around with holsters on thier hips you gotta worry about!" Got the "whu ?" look, and I took that as my intro to explain OC to them. They are now very well versed in 2a, preemption, and OC.

So, if you happened to have stopped by a certain Ford dealership in Norfolk today looking at a certain red excursion, and happen to visit this forum on occasion............."HOWDY!"