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Thread: Anyone make it to this?

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    200 Concerned Illinois Gun Owners Pack Tinley Park Meeting

    TINLEY PARK, Ill., Oct. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following was
    released today by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA).

    Approximately 200 firearm owners packed the Tinley Park American Legion
    Post Tuesday night to learn what they can do to prevent the spread of
    Chicago-style gun control to south Cook County. Hosted by the ISRA, the
    rally comes on the heels of an attempt by the Tinley Park village council
    to enact a gun control ordinance that would ban nearly every privately
    owned firearm in the village.

    Tuesday's meeting opened with a briefing by ISRA Executive Director,
    Richard Pearson, on the status of gun control legislation in the General
    Assembly. Pearson continued by discussing Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's
    master plan for establishing a 100-mile "gun free" zone around Chicago, and
    how the proposed Tinley Park ordinance fits into that plan.

    In a presentation segment entitled, "Enemies of Freedom," Pearson
    identified state senator Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) and gun control
    activist Thom Mannard as the two individuals driving the state-wide effort
    to ban and confiscate privately owned firearms. A one-hour question and
    answer session followed during which attendees vented their frustration and
    anger over being made scapegoats for a justice system that can neither
    deter crime nor rehabilitate those criminals it manages to apprehend.

    "Tonight we launched a grassroots effort to preserve and protect gun
    rights in south Cook County," said Pearson. "These people now know what
    they are up against, and how to combat efforts to take their guns. Although
    the proposed Tinley Park gun ban has been watered down considerably, local
    gun owners are acutely aware that the same people who penned the original
    ban are still in office."

    "The activities of Tinley Park village officials will be closely
    monitored by this new grassroots organization," continued Pearson.
    "Likewise, the Cook County board and members of the General Assembly will
    be under the microscope. Gun owners in this area are hopping mad and they
    will hold elected officials accountable for any infringements on their

    The ISRA is the state's leading advocate of safe, lawful and
    responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the
    interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners.

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    They should have all fanny-pack carried.

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    Most of you guys don't understand the current here in Illinois. Technically our criminal codes EXEMPTS gun-owners from being arrested packing a unloaded handgun so long as it's completly covered and the ammo is seperate. Despite this, police in Illinois harass gun-owners, arresting them for fanny packing and thereby putting more honest people in the slammer, is'nt life just FULL of surprises! And even after many a drive by shooting, Conceal and Carry has yet to be passed here, and I doubt it will unless the NRA puts its money where its mouth is by getting involved here. If the NRA and every other gun-rights organazation put the majority of it's strength into Illinois, CCW could be passed.
    Year after year, CCW is proposed in the Illinois State Senate, yet the only reason it fails to pass is because the bigots send it back to the rules committee. CCW now can only be passed by THREE ways, sneaking it into a proposed amending of the FOID Act (very hard to do.) A change in wording in the FOID Act that says those issued a FOID Card shall not be arrested for posssesing a loaded gun nor will they be subject to arrest if they use that weapon in self-defense. Third, the people (like me) could pettition to have the People, The Voters, decide that issue via referendum.
    What people like the Illinois State Rifle Association NEED to realize is they cannot sit down in Springfield, they can't just keep protesting for gun-rights yearly at IGOLD, they need to protest for CCW everyday. When a shooting happens they need to come out to the media and say "that is why we should enact a right to carry in Illinois, so law-abiding citizens can carry firearms for self-defense." If they did that, we could win sooner than latter. Downstate is very pro-gun, I know because I go down there many weekends in a year, I love IGOLD, but they need to start recruiting people up in Cook County and Kane County and in the surrounding Suburbs. Many people are pro-gun up here too, the only problem is when the ISRA has a protest for gun-rights, it's either posted at the last minute or it's somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.
    They could protest gun-rights on the streets of Chicago, they could pass out flyers. That's how you'll reach people here in Chicagoland, if they get a flyer they'll put it on their refridgerator, if they get a web-site address they'll go to it. The leaders have to come out and protest on the streets of Chicago and so do gun-owners, it has to be every weekend or at least twice a month, they have to do the same with the flyers.
    I think that is the main reason why CCW is not being bought by Cook County, because the gun-rights groups have not got out of the range and onto the streets to protest. I saw the thing about the rally in Tinley Park, that's great, now let's rally in Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Elgin, Aurora, Carpentersville, Skokie, Elk Grove and the surrounding towns and cities ajacent of O'Hare and Chicago.
    The pro-gun people of Cook County will show up if the pro-gun rights group leaders show up on their turf as opposed showing up on the pro-gun rights groups turf.

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