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Thread: Possible riot in Georgetown tonight

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    I am watching channel 9 news right now and they are reporting that a bunch of World Bank protestors are involved with a confrontation with the police in, of all places, Georgetown. A few arrests have been made and one female bystander was struck in the face with a brick thrown by someone. The protestors are all wearing scarves on their faces (a felony in Virginia, not sure about DC).

    Too bad the good people of Georgetown may not possess the best means of defnding themselves. There was footage of businesses boarding up windows, because apparently the protestors are rallying to come back tomorrow for some more fun.

    Can't find a link yet...


    and some video:

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    Tomahawk wrote:
    The protestors are all wearing scarves on their faces (a felony in Virginia, not sure about DC).

    Not prohibitedoff the streets inDC or they would have demanded ID from this guy:

    At the Department of Justice several armed agents with “Homeland Security” patches on their arms, as well as DOJ security personnel met “V”. They too were very curious. There ensued another prolonged face-to-mask exchange of news, information, affirmations and assurances. Eventually, the officers determined that “V” and the camera person were not violating the DC code dealing with the wearing of masks on the streets of the city, or their refusal to produce identification, and that they were not a security threat. The protective security forces and agents from the DOJ arranged for a Mr. Burroughs to accept service of the Petitions for Redress for the agency.

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