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Thread: First two open carries

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    Went to get dinner last night and decided to take my pistol with me. Ruger KP345 in a Fobus holster. Decided not to wear my coat as I didn't want people to think I was trying to conceal it and it wasn't too cold. Had to park my truck about a block from Taco Del Mar in downtown Bellingham so walked down the block. Bought my dinner and then back to the truck. Near as I can tell, not one person looked sideways at me and not one comment.

    Today needed to pop into NAPA to grab a fan belt for my truck, so on it went again. In there for about ten minutes, again no second looks, no comments.

    Feeling more and more comfortable as time goes on.


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    Just act natural and you will probably not draw any attention.
    "If I shoot all the ammo I am carrying I either won't need anymore or more won't help"

    "If you refuse to stand up for others now, who will stand up for you when your time comes?"

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