MANSFIELD -- Officials say attendance is back to normal today at Mansfield Senior High School, after several tense days.
Police Chief Phil Messer says after a brawl on Monday, a rumor was spread by cell phone text messages that someone would bring a gun to north-central Ohio school the next day.

Fears led more than 600 of the high school's 1,300 students to either stay home or leave early on Tuesday. About 350 were absent yesterday.

The police chief and school officials offered reassurances last night to scores of parents at a packed community forum. District Superintendent Lloyd Martin said violence at the high school would not be tolerated.

I wasn't going to post this until I read the last paragraph. "Violence at the high school will not be tolerated." What are they going to do? If a shooter does come to the school, tell him his actions are not going to be tolerated and if he does not stop killing people, then he will be suspended? This statement translated to a bunch of bullcrap meant to make parents feel better, but it really does nothing to make anyone safe. Hopefully the superintendent had something of more substance to say than this.