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Thread: The Truth About Semi-Auto Firearms

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    I don't know whether this gentleman is actually an LEO or not, but if he is, kudos to him for actually doing his job of upholding the law rather than interpreting it. While he doesn't get everything regarding gun laws 100% correct, I'd say he's at 98% or 99%... Good enough as a primer for the general population regarding media misrepresentation of semiautomatic firearms.

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    I just love how he continues to "educate" us by saying that fully automatic firearms are NOT legal and non-police/non-military CANNOT purchase them.

    Though he seems like a nice fellow he is desperately wrong.

    I wonder if this is more California propaganda or good ole ignorance.

    I put him at about 80% knowledgable myself.

    He is making a progun video put for what reason?

    Some old legistlation I am assuming.

    Oh yeah, this guy doesn't shoot rifles (especially full auto) much

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