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Thread: VCDL UPDATE 10/30/07 - Defending your right to defend yourself

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    Complete report at:

    VCDL UPDATE 10/30/07 - Defending your right to defend yourself

    1. With sadness: member's spouse avoided protection, was ultimate victim
    2. REMINDER: On Private Property, Don't Ask and Don't Tell!!!
    3. VCDL member maintains gun-friendly attorney list
    4. Norfolk deputy quits after being charged with firing gun
    5. Restraining order yields only another victim
    6. Fairfax County to attack gun rights again through its 2008
    legislative agenda
    7. VCDL SHOOT THIS WEEKEND! Two guns to be given away!
    8. LTE writer thinks gun-control is the answer
    9. Another VCDL member encounters anti-gun Roanoke Times
    10. VCDL member gets Bull Run Mountain Conservancy to change rules
    11. Virginia News Source breaks news blackout
    12. High schools support Virginia students going to range
    13. New York goes after hunters' "loophole" - could happen here, too
    14. D.C. cops to chase guns across borders
    15. House bill to prevent expansion of NPS anti-gun regulations
    16. Students protest for self-defense
    17. Despite Georgia law, armed patron saves lives
    18. NRA starting to get it on open carry
    19. Another good reason for police to NOT arbitrarily stop open
    carriers - bad guys might get off the hook!
    20. Maryland bureaucrats won't issue permit to man helping Baltimore PD
    21. YouTube item humorously explains guns don't kill on their own
    22. Gun shows and events!

    Complete report at:

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    I still love the youtube link from that update. I've added the quote to my signature on many other forums (but can't figure out how to do it here).

    "Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Guns defend people against people with smaller guns".

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