I just recieved a flyer in the mail from Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis. Tried to upload images of the flyer, but couldn't. The entire message of this flyer is that Chap has a consistent voting record supporting guns rights and she doesn't. Now this isn't quite true, as Chap goes back and forth on the issue. And Jeannemarie is being dishonest as she also voted for some of the same pro-gun bills she castigates Chap for voting for.

Some quotes:

"Peterson voted to allow guns on school property." (red for emphasis in the original)
"He voted against allowing Fairfax County to ban guns from libraries."
"He voted to kill a bill to allow Fairfax County to ban guns from rec. centers and other public buildings."

"Jeannmarie's record is clear, too:"
"Jeannmarie voted to keep guns off of school property."
"Jeannemarie supports giving local governments the power to ban concealed weapons from public buildings."

And she thinks this will help her win the election? Maybe, she does represent the left-leaning Fairfax County, but we'll see.