I have a question that has been bugging me all week, and I can't find the answer. The question is "what can a person open carry by law”? I know that as long as you have a blue card you can open carry a handgun in Clark county. Does that same method apply to rifles, even though you do not have to register them? There is nothing I can find that says a person can not walk down the street with a AK47 or other high powered rife over the sholder with a sling. (Personaly i think that would be seen as brandishing a weapon, and uncalled for) However I wish to find out what the laws say. Almost all of the place I looked (state, clark county, and city of henderson/las vegas) only use the word "firearm". I would be thankfull if you can help me understand this better.

sorry for the errors my keybord is broken up badly, but i did my best to weed them out... thank god for duct tape