GREER, S.C. -- An attempted armed robbery ended in the death of the robber Wednesday evening.

Deputies said an armed man went into the Kwik Mart on Highway 14 near Mutt's BBQ in Greer at about 8:30 p.m.

The store owner, Hirabmai Desai, said that the robber was the same man who had robbed him a few days ago.

Desai said he grabbed his own gun, which he keeps hidden in a plastic bag. He said the robber kept demanding money and then started shooting, so the store owner fired back.

The robber dove to the floor, jumped up, and ran away. Deputies were unable to locate him.

Seconds after the robbery, clerk Michelle Cantrell walked in.

"I could smell the power from the gun," she said. "You could smell the gunpowder real bad.

"Cantrell said that Desai was visibly shaken by the robbery.

She said, "He was talking real fast, he was, his voice was quivering. He was pretty upset.

"Thursday morning, a passerby found a body about 100 yards from the store.

Deputies said that based on Desai's description of the robber, they believe it is the same man. The man has been identified as Rodrickus Fonte Sullivan of Greer.

Greenville County sheriff's Lt. Shea Smith said, "The clothing matches. We did find a firearm around the person. So, it appears that this will be the suspect that robbed the store last night.

"The man died of a bullet wound to the chest, the coroner said. He has been identified as 19-year-old Rodrickus Fonte Sullivan of Greer.

Desai was not hurt at all, but he says the robberies have left him afraid.

The coroner said that Sullivan died within a couple house of the attempted robbery.

Now the weapon found next to the body and Desai's gun are evidence, as well as the surveillance tape of the robbery.

Lt. Shea Smith said, "State law allows you to use up to deadly force if you feel like your life is in danger[My emphasis]. The sheriff's office will work with the solicitor's office in the coming days to determine if charges will be filed."
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