Now it's time to get out the vote for these pro-gun candidates on Tuesday!

VCDL's Gun Dealer Legal Defense Fund -- help fight Mayor Bloomberg's
scheme to cripple Virginia firearms dealers. See:
VCDL's meeting schedule:

Election Day in Virginia is in just two days, on November 6, 2007, and
any registered voter may vote.

VCDL-PAC has endorsed a number of candidates based on their pro-gun
stands. Only candidates who completed the VCDL 2007 Candidate Survey
were considered for an endorsement.

VCDL-PAC has endorsed two more candidates:

-- Chap Petersen is running against self proclaimed RINO and
anti-gun zealot Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, in Senate District 34.
Jeannemarie has made gun control THE central theme of her campaign.
Last week, she brought in anti-gun New York City Mayor Bloomberg to
meddle in Virginia's affairs and help bolster her campaign. In
addition, she is the ONLY Republican endorsed by the anti-gun Brady
Campaign. It's time to get her out of office so she won't need to go
looking to curry favor with out-of-state anti-gun politicians. If
you're in Senate District 34, VOTE FOR CHAP PETERSEN on November 6 to
show the Virginia Legislature that anti-gun politics is a loosing

-- Vellie Dietrich Hall is running for the Mason District seat on
the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Vellie answered the VCDL
candidate survey 100% in support of your rights. As you may recall, it
was Vellie's opponent (the incumbent) who made such a fuss over VCDL's
Bloomberg Gun GiveAway being held at the Mason District Government
Center. Vellie will oppose efforts by the Board of Supervisors to waste
taxpayer resources by lobbying the General Assembly for more gun
control. If you're in the Mason District, be sure to VOTE FOR VELLIE
DIETRICH HALL on November 6!

If you live in one of these districts, or a nearby district, I
encourage you to help with the campaign of these candidates. Get involved!

Contact these candidates and offer to help out with any of the following
necessary campaign tasks:

-- put up a yard sign
-- stuff envelopes, make telephone calls, put up signs
-- man polling places
-- make a financial contribution to the candidate
-- call your friends and every pro-gun voter you know and
urge them to vote.

On November 6, be sure to GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE! It is essential to
show your support for the dedicated pro-gun candidates listed below by
voting for them on November 6!!!

Not sure what district you're in? You can find out at:

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District Party Candidate Email
-------- ----- ------------------------- ------------------------------
1 Rep Patricia B. "Tricia" Stall
14 Lib W. Donald Tabor, Jr.
15 Rep Frank M. Ruff, Jr.
16 Ind Robert R. Owens
17 Rep Chris J. Yakabouski
20 Dem W. Roscoe Reynolds
22 Rep Ralph K. Smith
26 Rep Mark D. Obenshain
27 Rep Jill Holtzman Vogel
29 Rep Robert S. FitzSimmonds
33 Rep Patricia B. Philips
34 Dem J.C. "Chap" Petersen
37 Rep Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II


District Party Candidate Email
-------- ----- ---------------------- ------------------------------
5 Rep C.W. "Bill" Carrico
7 Rep David A. Nutter
11 Dem Onzlee Ware
15 Rep C. Todd Gilbert
17 Rep William H. Fralin, Jr.
21 Rep John J. Welch III
26 Rep Matthew J. "Matt" Lohr
31 Rep L. Scott Lingamfelter
35 Rep Arthur G. Purves
51 Rep Faisal Gill
52 Rep Jeffrey M. Frederick
59 Ind Watkins M. Abbitt, Jr.
68 Dem William K. "Bill" Grogan
88 Rep Mark L. Cole
96 Rep Brenda L. Pogge
97 Rep Christopher K. Peace


District Party Candidate Email
-------- ----- ---------------------- ------------------------------
Mason Rep Vellie Dietrich Hall

Dem = Democrat
Ind = Independent
Lib = Libertarian
Rep = Republican

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Please do whatever you can to assist these candidates.


Kenneth M. Elliott, Jr.
Chairman, VCDL-PAC

Authorized by the Chairman, VCDL-PAC VA 01-042
NOT authorized by any candidate or political party

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