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Thread: WTKR News 3 in Norfolk Biased?

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    My wife was interviewed this morning by WTKR and WVEC about a double murder near our house that happened Sunday afternoon. In the WTKR interview she was asked the normal "do you feel comfortable here" question. Her reply was "no I have protection." They didn't show that one but they did show one were a lady said she wasn't sure how safe it was here now and were my wife said it made her feel a little more alert that night. So what do you all think typical media bias??

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    I wouldn't say its media bias so much as I would say its part and parcel of media's mission to sell the bad side of life as much as possible.

    The media likefocusing on the bad. "Ohhh! Its so baaad! Its sooo dangerous! I'm scared! You should be, too. See how bad it all is?"

    Whatever sucks in and rivets your attention.Disaster, war, blood, car wrecks, etc.

    There is an elderly fella I see frequently at a McDonalds.We've exchanged a pleasant comment a few times. Last evening he was alone reading the paper. I told him playfully to watch out, that thing will turn his mind to mush. His expression changed instantly. Hehad something he really wanted to say. I listened. He said he usually staysup late watching TV. Recently he decided toignore the news. He said he's noticed he feels better!!!
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