So, in getting into this USPSA/IPSC shooting, I've decided to pimp out my firearm as best I can for the production class which, basically for me, means the sights and gun internals.

Since I don't have an over-abundance of cash, I started by sending my Springfield XD 9mm off to Springer Precision to have a set of Dawson Precision Fiber-Optic sights installed. The rear is .100" in green (fixed) and the front is .125" in red.

I also have an order into him for a stainless steel extended magazine release which I'll wind up installing myself when it gets here.

Next competition is coming up soon, so I'm hoping to get out to the range a couple of more times before then to work on some inconsistancies I have in my grip and trigger pull.

I think I need to start working on pushing back my targets to and try to focus on accuracy at farther distances as well.