And now, a message from the National Rifle Association.

Friends, once again our rights are under attack, this time in Dorchester County, where some subversive people are trying to bring gun control to our schools.

On Wednesday, the Dorchester County sheriff and school officials had an actual [begin ital]meeting[end ital] to discuss a few recent incidents involving firearms — incidents in which we want to point out that no one was hurt.

Now, nothing happened at this meeting, but they have “started a dialogue,” so this could be the end for us.

What Congress and Bill Clinton could not do, we fear Dorchester County might. Because they mean business.

They are threatening to make actual phone calls — to law-abiding citizens!

They might even hang posters.

And they could start an “awareness campaign.”

Shudder the thought.

We might as well just hand over our weapons now — it’s all over. Because they have said they might even have another meeting. This could lead to the end of our constitutional right to bear arms. Oh well, it’s been a good ride.

We have tried to reason with these people. We have explained that there are a number of perfectly good reasons a kid would want to bring a gun to school, none of which are threatening or in any way disrupt school. For instance:

* A child could plan to go hunting after school or, heck, even before class. What if he needs to shoot a squirrel to eat? Or a deer, if there’s a class party or something. Are these people against a school lunch program?

* Or maybe he’s being responsible. You know, he doesn’t want to leave it lying around somewhere where someone could get in trouble with it.

* And it could be that a child would simply like to show his friends his new gun, as was apparently the case in one of these “incidents.” How can you blame them for being excited? How many times do you remember going home as a child and telling your dad, “Billy got a new Mac-10 — can I have one?”

We need your help, friends. We need to you write letters to these people in the Dorchester schools and the Sheriff’s Office, plead with them to reconsider these harsh punishments. Just think of the consequences.

Remember, when the guns are outlawed, only the Outlaws — and maybe the Marshall Tucker Band — will carry guns.

This is just the start. These Dorchester County folks are legendary throughout the country for getting things done. First they ban prayer in the schools, and now they want to take our guns.

Next thing you know, they’ll tell us we can’t take our guns to church. [begin ital]Guns don’t kill people, meetings kill people.[end ital]
Either we are equal or we are not. Good people ought to be armed where they will, with wits and guns and the truth. LAB/NRA/GOP *******