My CZ 82 came with a very nice leather holster. It has a flap that completely covers the weapon.An empty holster protest with a holster such as this would be an activists dream. Nobody would really know if there was a gun in the holster.

Remember the activist wants the interaction to promote a political cause. Go to vote in a school with it on, go to court with it on, stroll around VCU or any other campus with it on.

In order to keep this thread somewhat lucid I will narrow the focus to the college campus.

In colleges the best that we could hope for on campus would be empty holster bans or show me what is in your holster rules. Since the empty holster is already a form of political protest there would be some that have disagreed with open carry, but would be alarmed that political speech (empty holster) would be banned. The arbitrary search of a holster rule would probably incite even more protest from the college kids.

The idea is to promote the second amendment cause as a civil rights cause by having the gun grabbers and gun bannerstrample on other civil rights in order to more effectively trample on the 2nd.