1)If you are open carrying, expect some trouble down the road.

2)Lead by example, just because you have been successfull all these years doesnt mean you will be this time. You were just fortunate.

3)Always critique your performace, you can have all the best gear in world but you still going to be poor performer just well dressed.

4)Mixing teams, ideas from others that dont have the same communication, training with you is dangerous. Unless they were with you training.

5)Always possess the advantage over the adversary, be the first one to notify the authority and claim your part. Dont just assume things going to be ok. Things will never be ok. Good guys always comes first to address his/her fault.

6)Train hard, you should cry in the dojo and laugh in the battlefield. Know your laws, county laws, jurisdictional laws etc

7)Police want cooperation, thats how they were taught at the academy, if no cooperation after verbal warning=taser, mace, baton, gun. Police officer doesnt know who you are, whom you work for because it doesnt say on the computer. Just your address, any warrants, residence info once your license is being run. Thats why they ask you "have u been arrested before" because they dont know!

8)Always when being pulled over at night, hands on wheel, doom light on, put it in park(u aint going anywhere soon), turn on your hazzard lights and stay there until an officer comes to you. (that tells them either your a cop or know someone who is a cop) Dont be getting your id or remove seat belts. Officers are trained to watch the hands. ANy shoulder movements can initiate alternative approach. Once officer ask for your id/license then go ahead get it and if its in your back pocket (just let the officer know, its in my back pocket) Real officers dont tell officers that they are carrying gun so its totally up to you. Once they come back and say "your all set" then you may pull out slowley.

9)If your vehicle is tinted and night time (not raining) crank all the windows down half way so officer can get a quick peak whos in the vehicle. Its too late to hide the propper % of tints. Have friendly smile "hi" upon officer arrival you will get off with a nice deal if the officer isnt cranky. I understand that you dont have to say anything until officer speaks butI happend to know the psycology of officers and they want to betreated same way you wanted to be treated. The moment they notice (non-compliance) they would take other options and once an officer choose that option he/she will do that and cant change it. Policy! No turning back.

10)Attitude is the key. Demeanor that officer look for in you is a key. I was once stopped beside a roadby falls church, va cop cuz it was 3 am, I had to get out of my car and get something from back seat, had my flashers on then i went back inside and next thing you know this cop pulled up behind. He ran the tags before approaching, saw me doing the routine mentioned above, and asked "I see you have CHP, my reply was yea, i got it in my wallet, he said its fine no needed" He explained why he stopped me because has been known for drug activity and since he saw me stop briefly he had to check things out. Thats it. He even said, "I would worry your a cop so no need to keep you any longer" I smiled back. thats it!