.... Yeah, again....

Pretty much the same routine as last week.

I was planning to head towards Golden Corral for free dinner after selling some blood-juice for, of all things, cash for a vehicle inspection.

'nother Harrisonburg cop, 'cept this time, it was an illegal lane change, cutting off another car to get in front of me. :?

Lights flash, I pull into some office parking lot.

This time I remembered my voice recorder, which was thankfully not needed.

LEO: Hi... You know why I stopped you? (inspection, again)

"Yes, I was actually going to BioLife to get some money to order a master cylinder gasket so I could get that taken care of." (Mmm, plasma sales!)

License, registration taken. He didn't even notice the 1911 on the seat.

15 minutes later, he comes back over, hands me my yellow copy, we talk for a minute, I mention the sticker thing and the difference from here and VA Beach.

He notices my heater riding shotgun.

"Do you have a CWP?"

"It's not concealed. "

"Ok, just asking. As long as it's in plain sight."

We BS'ed for a couple of minutes, I asked him where the courthouse was for my court date, some other minutia.

And apparently, one of my backup lights is out. Thankfully, I already have a replacement bulb, so I can take care of THAT tomorrow.... :quirky

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty positive experience.

Hopefully, other than being five months late on my inspection didn't lower his perceptions of OC'ers any.

I like to think some friendly conversation (my goings-on of the day never came up, and I was careful to keep an ear out for that) helped reiterate that we're all just out here, trying to make our way in the world.

*sigh* At least this NEW court date is before the one I got last week. :P

Oh, and GC was quite yummy... Packed, but yummy.