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Thread: Post Office Contract Stations

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    My local bicycle shop is also the contract station for the post office.I don't think that the post officegun bans apply there, but Ithought I'd ask for othersopinions.

    Moderators- I had a hard timecategorizing this thread. There might be a need for a federal section in the stories from the states. I know federal is not a state, buteverybody has to deal with federal land and jurisdictions. A defined place to read and exchange stories , thoughts and ideas might be a valuable addition to the site.
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    This was recently discussed on the Ohioans For Concealed Carry forum. The sort-of consensus was that such places are not subject to the federal postal laws concerning firearms possession/carry, since they are more or less just a subletting tenant of the shop they're located in.

    But of course that was just a well-versed guess on the part of some of the more learned posters.

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