Hi guys,

Many tactical lights come with a lanyard, so you can let go of them while you are reloading or opening doors, etc.

However these long lanyards give the light too much freedom of movement, and sometimes can cause some problems as they can get hang on something or as I saw it happening, colliding the light into your head when trying to clear a stove-pipe jam.

The inexpensive hair tie can be knotted into a light that doesn’t have a point of attachment, so it more practical in all situations.

Its short length, help to keep more control on your light, and it is very easy to use; one flip of your wrist and the light is in the back of your hand, another flip and is back into your palm.

The pictures show it attached to my thumb (due to my large hands is in my case more comfortable) but it also can be used in the middle finger, or even in the index finger.

Visit your GF or wife and give the hair tie a try.