Here is a great website to find your local representative and an easy way to contact them and your Senator. Please contact them and present well thought out reasons for introducing an open carry bill to Texas. So you can get sort of an idea, here is the letter that I sent to all of them:

I would suggest email and also printing out a letter and mailing it in.

Please don't copy this word for word, I don't want them to think that I'm spamming them out and just using different names, but I don't mind if you use the same key points.

Dear Representative,

My name is Ian McCarthy. I grew up in Austin and have been a proud resident of the great state of Texas all of my life. The reason I am writing to you today is on the issue of Open carry of a handgun in public by all lawful citizens who may legally purchase and possess a handgun. I am curious as to why Texas is only one of SIX states in the entire U.S. that completely bans open carry when we were the only state that used to be a republic and this right defended our freedoms. Even in such an anti-gun state as California open carry is legal. I know that all the anti-gun people think that if an open carry bill is passed that everyone will have guns and that anarchy will rule the streets and there will be rivers of blood and so on. But in fact, no such things happen in the states that have enacted open carry. If you have the time. An open carry statute will not create a gun in the hand of every citizen. In fact, in the states that allow open carry without a license, very few citizens exercise this right. There is also relatively low crime since the criminals want to go after an easy target, and once they see a firearm on someone's hip, their desire not to get shot by someone defending themselves overrules their desire to rob someone. And the ones that are comfortable with open carry are also for the most part trained in the use of firearms and proficient with their individual weapons. They are also very aware of the laws and their rights and serve as good public relations for gun rights showing citizens that their are good people out there that are armed in order to protect themselves, friends, family, and the public.

I think it would be a great idea to take a brief look at a website and take a look at their Talk Forum section. There are a lot of great examples of what happens when people open carry in the states that allow it, absolutely nothing. Over 90% of the people that they interact with don't even notice that they have a gun, even people that directly converse with them! Allowing open carry will not instigate mass panic. Of course, there might be an occasional concerned citizen that will call the police, which could be possible in the beginning, but I suppose that comes with the territory. Most people that open carry are kind and courteous because they want to create a good image for gun owners so that they can preserve their right. I have read a lot of stories about good contact with the public that really seems to have changed people's views on gun ownership and the right to self-protection.

Some common reasons for open carry are:

-As you are well aware, it gets unbearably hot here in Texas and wearing a jacket to conceal a firearm can become a problem in 100+ degree weather.
-Open carry would also help those with a CHL that choose to conceal carry. If their gun accidentally shows or "prints" on their clothing, they are not committing a crime.
-Larger caliber handguns are more difficult to conceal and many people will prefer a full sized weapon because they find it easier to shoot and if that unfortunate time comes when someone needs to use a gun to defend their life or the lives of their family, they need to know that their gun has enough stopping power to put a criminal down to make sure that they don't fire back after being shot.
-Open carry can help educate the public about our 2nd Amendment rights and can show that there are good people out there with guns too.

I have recently started a petition online that has gotten almost 1,000 signatures in just a few days including Texas Peace Officers endorsing open carry in Texas. I feel that support for this petition will just continue to grow and I will also begin to devote my time to getting signatures in writing in public arenas where I also will have a chance to talk with pro-gun and anti-gun individuals about their beliefs.

I urge you to consider my proposition and just look at all of these other states that have enacted open carry without problems. I think it's time that Texas joins up with the rest of the states that realize that guns in the hand of law-abiding citizens is the right thing to do. Criminals will continue to get guns and use them against us. Please let all law-abiding citizens stand up for their right to live.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Ian McCarthy