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Thread: Trip out to Las Vegas

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    My girlfriend and I have come to Las Vegas for the weekend/beginning of next week as an early Thanksgiving trip to see her family out there. Yesterday, we passed through Vail along I-70 as a bathroom break. Since I had never been to Vail before, I didn't realize that the town is about three blocks wide and three miles long, and the only place someone who doesn't make $750k a year can go to the bathroom is the town's visitor center just off of the interstate. Thankfully they were having some sort of free day for their parking garages, so we pulled in and went inside. When I came out of the back area, talking on my cell phone, I saw two cops standing in the hallway who immediately gave a salute/wave to me as I walked towards them. Since I had my cellphone going (built-in record mod for an iPhone... sshhh!), I can offer the verbatim exchange:

    Me - Howdy.
    Off. 1 - Afternoon, sir. Do you happen to have a concealed permet?
    Me - I do. Let me just grab it.
    (Off. 1 and 2 glance at it and hand it back)
    Off. 1 - That looks OK.
    Off. 2 - What you doing up here? Looking for tour info?
    Me - Just stopping to use the bathroom. I conjure someone called y'all about me and my pistol?
    Off.1 - Yeah, there's quite a crowd outside. Someone came running up to me saying "some cowboy has a gun across the street!"
    Me - (Laugh) I'd rather have a cowboy with a gun than a psycho.
    Off. 1 - Me too. Some people here don't take too well to people having guns around here.
    Me - (Chuckle) Californians?
    (Both officers laugh)
    Off. 2 - You're not kidding.
    Me - I'm surprised they even knew what a gun looked like.
    Off. 1 - (Laugh) Yeah.
    (At this point, there are a total of seven or eight officers in the foyer, two of them peeking from around a corner on the far end)
    Off. 2 - Well, that's all we need.
    Me - Wow, many of you lurking about... I'm glad I can make your day so exciting.
    Off. 1 - They can't fault us for trying. And yeah, we all have to come out when some "cowboy with a gun" is walking around!
    Off. 2 - Have a safe trip.

    After that, my girlfriend and I tipped our hats and walked back outside, to find a good dozen people clustered at the glass doors looking with saucer-sized eyes as we walked towards them. In one of the more goofy sights I've seen recently, when they realized we were coming through the doors, they all glanced downwards or to the side or some other direction in a very poor attempt to make it seem like they weren't looking at us. We just smiled and tipped our hats to them as well as we passed through their midsts.

    So, while I'd always prefer to not draw any attention or whatnot, this takes the prize so far for most-amusing-interaction for me. :celebrate

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    Funny! Glad to hear the police were receptive and respected your rights! Hope everything else went well for you

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    I keep talking' but have yet to post a pic... I'll try to get that done tonight so people can see what I look like OC'ing in Vegas.

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    I want to see a piture of shocked, gawking kalifornians.

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